Eerder op deze website was er al een stuk te lezen over de Cape wrath ultra, een 8 daagse loop door de Schotse hooglanden die door de organisatie zelf omschreven wordt als ‘UK’s answer to marathon des sables’. Vandaag plaatste de organisatie onderstaande trailer online, de inschrijving voor 2022 opent overigens 5 mei 2021 en normaal gesproken moet je er snel bij zijn.

Onlangs hadden we de mogelijkheid enkele vragen te stellen, en Jamie van de PR gaf de volgende antwoorden.

Once the Cape Wrath Ultra is finished; when do you as an organization consider it to be a good race, where do you aim for?

The event is a success when there is a great atmosphere on the final evening for the celebratory meal and the prize giving. Lots of smiling and happy participants who have enjoyed a fantastic week of adventure and made new friends. 

I was wondering if you can explain the success and the great demand for the Cape Wrath Ultra, basically your race was full within minutes. Quite an achieved for a relatively new race.

The Cape Wrath Ultra has been developed over many years with a lot of hard work from many experienced people. It is a quality event that has been carefully planned by a professional team, therefore it has gained an excellent reputation very quickly. Recommendations and good reviews from previous participants definitely help grow the event. Also, it is simply a brilliant route, through stunning landscape – an exciting challenge with the chance to run with fantastic people!

Last, it seems to be an expedition rather than a race with a leader and stuff. Has this been decided consciously and/or do you expect it to develop the coming years?

The Cape Wrath Ultra is a tough challenge, therefore the goal for most participants is to simply complete the event and enjoy the journey through Scotland. There is always great camaraderie between the participants and many decide to run together and end up making new friends for life. Participants also see it as an excellent opportunity to explore Scotland in more depth and enjoy some great running in wild and beautiful locations.

Bron: Jamie van cape wrath ultra, foto: ©Jimmy Hyland